Top 5 Bartending Hacks To Engage Customers


When one thinks of bartending hacks and tricks, the visual that comes to mind is always the bartender that does a number of bottle flips complete with flames and liquor being poured onto multiple levels of glasses. However, these aren’t the only things that can impress and be appreciated by a customer. put together a simple list of hacks that will sure to make any customer happy and a continuing patron.

Getting To Know Customers

Being extra friendly is the number 1 rule in any bartender’s book. Getting to know your customers is a definite plus. Find out their favorite drinks, have them taste test new drinks that you’re creating, learn a little about their interests and family life. People like to feel like they are your friend and a part of a group. Not only does this method create happy customer, but it also creates loyal customers. And this method definitely doesn’t hurt in the tip department either. If you’re having issues remembering some facts, don’t be hesitant to jot down notes.

maurice bartenderKeep Your Bar Clean

Dirty bars can be major turn offs for customers not to mention it’s unhygienic. Clear up empty glasses, wipe up spills, and throw away any trash on the bar such as napkins garnish etc. Don’t underestimate an unorganized bar. Organization makes it looks cleaner and better, but it also makes you as the bartender look like you have things under control. All in all, no one looks good behind a dirty bar.

Anticipating Your Clients’ Needs

Great bartenders are in tune with their clients and don’t necessarily need to probe into what their customers want. Knowing what your loyal customers’ “regular” is becomes a great help and makes the customer feel like you know them. If their glass is empty, either refill it or ask if they would like anything else. In addition, pay attention to your stash as well. Making sure you are fully stocked will ensure less work in the future.


Be An Expert

Know your your drinks! Be prepared to create any drink your customers ask for. Especially if they’re well known drinks. Additionally, you should always know the day’s specials as well as what is on tap. Don’t forget to have a couple of tricks and sample drinks up your sleeve incase a customer asks for a suggestion.


You don’t have to be the flashiest bartender with the most extensive tricks up their sleeve in order to impress guests. But learning a few simple tricks such as flipping a bottle will be sure to impress any customer.

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