5 Things You Should Know About Your Bartender


maurice amonBeing a bartender is not the easiest job in the world. You have to not only be abnormally organized, but you also need to have an extensive memory. As a bartender, you need to be overly friendly and willing to listen to people and be able to offer empathy both verbally and in liquid form. Bartenders play the role of therapist, friend, and party buddy. In essence, a bartender so much more than someone who pours your drinks and takes shots with you during a good time.

Thrillist spoke with a number of bartenders and anonymous industry pros about the parts of their jobs that are least understood. Hold this dear to you the next time you go to your favorite bar and hang out with your favorite bartender.

It looks easier than it is

Unlike conventional jobs, bartender often work longer than usual shifts. Shifts can last sometimes up to 10-12 hours and at times you may not get a break. Bartenders don’t usually come to work and just start making drink. There is extensive prep work that needs to done including slicing fruit and garnishes for drinks. Additionally, after spending a number of hours entertaining and catering to people, there is about an hour or two of cleanup.

A bartender’s life is not a endless party

One thing that a lot of customers may think is that a bartender’s life in nothing but shots and parties. Thrillest expertly compared the bartender to the parent at a slumber party. A bartender spends the entire time working to make sure that everybody else is having fun and no one goes overboard.

People trust bartenders more than their therapist

You don’t have to pay a bartender for their time. You pay them for drinks. Especially with a little bit of liquid courage, people tend to open up a little bit more.

Human interaction makes bartenders feel like they’re people too

Most bartenders are pretty open people. Talking to bartenders will make them feel like they aren’t just a robot. Tipping well will definitely add to your drink experience.

A bartender’s “favorite drink to make” will be the drink you enjoy most

Ordering a bartender’s signature cocktail will earn you a nod of approval and a bartender is usually happy to make something that they’re comfortable with and that they’re comfortable making.