About Maurice

Maurice AmonMaurice Amon is a bartender living and working on Long Island.  He has a passion for his work, from setup to cleaning – but most importantly for the drinks he serves and the customer interactions he has the pleasure to enjoy.  Maurice worked for several years at a liquor store in Westbury, where his love of spirits was born.  As a barback, he met a career bartender and learned that mixing drinks is a viable career.  Especially on Long Island.

Long Island is a unique place.  An island with a population of 8 million people, it would be the 13th most populous state, and more densely populated than any other.  On top of that, it has a vast population of young adults looking for a good bar.  On top that, most of the bridges from the island lead directly to Manhattan, perhaps the biggest drinking culture in the United States.  So Long Island, in short, is a great place to be a career bartender.

Maurice Amon has worked at many Long Island bars over the past ten plus years.  From outrageous nightclubs to fine dining, from dive bars to high-velocity sports bars, he has worked in every kind of establishment.  Long Island is full of excellent bars doing right by their clients, and this blog is dedicated to them.  Maurice will bring to your attention some of his favorites, some of his discoveries, and even some of the breweries, vineyards, and distilleries that are producing some of the northeasts most palatable quaffs.

Maurice’s enjoys alcohol in all its forms.  He is an experiences mixologist, a craft beer enthusiast, and an avid student of the world of spirits.  Additionally, he has a strong sense of customer service and the bar science that is required in order to build a successful bar.  In light of all of this experience, he is still somehow able to sit back and enjoy his experiences at other bars.  He’s not there to judge, just to have a great time with some of his favorite drinks.

This blog is dedicated to Long Island and it’s amazing drinking culture.  Please make no mistake that Maurice only promotes responsible drinking.  Sure, we all like to get tipsy every once in a while, but our priority is to be safe and smart.  Maurice categorically condemns severe intoxication, driving after any drinking, and coercion to consume.  The world of alcohol is fun enough without crossing any of these lines.  Let’s all be adults and enjoy!